The ultimate integration of physical and behavioral medicine in care management

The Med-Psych Care Management (MPCM) program supports individuals with chronic conditions exacerbated by underlying mild to moderate behavioral health conditions and psychosocial barriers. These vulnerable, “missed members” typically make up 5-15% of the population and drive 35-50% of total healthcare costs. They have poor health outcomes and reduced quality of life.

We manage these members through our specialized therapeutic intervention model (called Progressive Cognitive Resonance or PCR) that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and gets at the root psychological, social and physical drivers of poor health and avoidable utilization.  

Our approach improves self-efficacy and treatment compliance, resulting in lower healthcare utilization (ED visits, inpatient admissions), better quality and health outcomes, lower costs and a positive return on investment.

Fewer ED Visits

Fewer ED

Lower IP Admissions

Lower IP

High Satisfaction

High Satisfaction

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Positive ROI

positive ROI
How our Med-Psych Care Management Insource Partnership works:
Med-Psych Care Management graphic
  • Delivered as an Insource Partnership
    • Seasoned team
    • Managed by THCC senior clinical director
    • Operating as an integrated clinical unit within the plan’s medical management department
    • On the plan’s care management platform
  • Enables total transparency of program activities and results
  • Eliminates the need for costly data transfer, system integrity, and delegation

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