“Dedicated, not Delegated”

Insource Partnership: a hybrid of advisory services and clinical operations support in which a dedicated team of clinical, admin and management professionals assumes responsibility for a specific healthcare service for a line of business (LOB), defined population or specific benefit that may be new, expanding or underserved. Our team is a fully integrated, non-delegated extension of the health plan’s clinical operations.  The team works on the plan’s system, follows the plan’s policies and procedures, and is trained through the plan’s curriculum.


We apply best practices in care management and utilization management across these services.

Optional services include Medical Directorship and Targeted Network Development

Utilization Management
SNP Model of Care
Care Management
For more information on our Med-Psych Care Management, click here.

Easy Execution

  • Simpler contracting
  • No delegation requirements
  • No IT resource stresses
Visibility Transparency and Control

Visibility, Transparency, & Control

  • Client’s system
  • Real-time performance monitoring and reporting
  • No siloed processes
Rapid Extension of Health Plan Capabilities

Rapid Extension of Health Plan Capabilities

  • Rapid deployment
  • Deep expertise in managed care operations/programs
  • Continuous improvement

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