Robert W. Lowder
SVP Information Technology and Compliance

BSBA Degree in Economics
University of Florida

Industrial Personnel Management
The George Washington University

MBA Course of Instruction
Old Dominion University


Designing Business Processes

Managed Care Integration

Medical and Insurance Compliance Programming

Robert Lowder

For over seventeen years Bob has been designing business processes and supporting software that sparked business transformation for insurance industry clients, managed care organizations, medical providers, service industry providers and general business. For payers such as large employers and managed care companies, he has created medical claim processing systems and integrated managed care oversight programs.  For medical and ancillary service providers, Bob has designed systems ranging from pharmacy card plans to medical supply order entry to on-line scheduling.  For the past four years, he has been focused on assisting a wide range of clients with their medical/insurance compliance programs.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Florida with a BSBA degree in Economics. Postgraduate studies conducted at The George Washington University and Old Dominion University respectively, included Industrial Personnel Management and an MBA course of instruction.  Bob was also a founding partner of The Provider Management Group, Inc., a Florida-based workers’ compensation PPO.